Wreck Collect

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Hello and welcome to Wreck Collect, the It Bears Repeating Patréon only podcast where we look back at specific weeks of the Billboard Hot 100 to determine whether or not the top 10 songs that week are BOPS or STOPS!

The format originated with Tiffany and her husband Josh, but life happened and unfortunately Wreck Collect went on a long hiatus. Tiffany and Tom loved the format and occasionally would use the format on their It Bears Repeating feed. 

We are now claiming the format full time here on our Patréon! We love if you would support us in any way by either listening to It Bears Repeating or coming here for $3 / mo for Wreck Collect. We hope you join us on this journey because we are really excited about it!

Below we have linked three episodes that we’ve done on our main feed so you can get a feel of the format of this show!

We love you!

xx Tom and Tiffany