Beyonce’s Biggest Headlines

On today’s episode we scratch the surface of Beyonce’s career by looking at some of the biggest headlines she generated over the course of her career. We reflect on how we were feeling in those moments and talk about what the public in general was thinking. We talk about Lemonade, the Digital Drop, Destiny’s Child’s disbandment and so much more.

Britney Speaks

On this episode we cover all the recent hearings in Britney Spears’ conservatorship from June 23rd to now. We also take a look at some of the conservatorship’s history to add context and cover all the drama and fallout that has occurred since.

An Interview w/ Leslie Hunt

Tom gets to live out a teenage fantasy by talking to Leslie Hunt. Leslie launched a kickstarter campaign to fund two new EPs. We talk about that, her recent diagnosis with ADHD and all of her old music. Leslie also is the frontwoman of prog rock band District 97. She had also appeared on season 6 of American Idol where she reached the semifinals and had an iconic send off. Listen to the episode now, what are you waiting for!


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Kate Bush ep. 1: “You’re younger and you get into murder.”

It’s time to talk about Kate Bush. Tom walks us all through her childhood right up to her fascinating and divisive first single, “Wuthering Heights.” Is she a feminist? How long did it take to get to Australia by boat in the 1960s? Does Tom even know what Wuthering Heights (the book) is about? The answer to that last question is NO!

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Next week we will be having an interview with Leslie Hunt who has a kickstarter for her new music. Check out this playlist and her kickstarter!

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