68: An Afternoon with Calipso

In our second episode talking with a local queen, we have the lovely talented Calipso, also known as Roberth on. She tells us how she got into drag and the we break out into broader conversations. We loved having her on and would love to have you follow her!

Calipso’s Instagram – https://bit.ly/2x7ecya

Queens Mentioned
Sasha Nolan – https://bit.ly/2qFiXfm
Scarlet Fairweather – https://bit.ly/2XAk9mk

IMG_2935 (2)Vile Lynn – bit.ly/2LaUwS8
Venus Doom – bit.ly/2Y87JPi

On Seeing BenDeLaCreme and a Special Announcement!

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Tiffany and Tom make a special announcement! Then they spill the T on seeing BenDeLaCreme in Vain. Tom acknowledges that he has bad taste in music.

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Music: “Warm Up Suit” by Broke for Free (CC BY-SA)

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