Framing Britney Spears

Tiffany and Tom discuss and dissect Framing Britney Spears. Who is Sam Lufti anyway? Listen and find out while Tiffany provides further context and details about what was shown in the smash hit documentary.

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Wreck Collect!

Wreck Collect is BACK! Permanently!

We are so excited to bring Wreck Collect back to your ears! Wreck Collect was originated by Tiffany and her husband, Josh. They started the podcast a few years back and life happened so it went into a permanent hiatus, till now.

This podcast is the type of podcast where we revisit music culture of the past. Each week on of us will pick a week of the Billboard Hot 100 and discuss the top 10 songs that week. We throw in a little bit of history by talking about the big news of that week and discussing what we think may have been happening in our lives at that moment.

If this interests you, please head over to our Patréon. For only $3 /month you’ll get four episodes of Wreck Collect!

We hope to see you there!

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“Feminist Icon Avril Lavigne”

Just Let Go and sit back and relax. Don’t try to make it complicated. We are here and queer to talk about Avril Lavigne’s career and trajectory. This is how we remind you of all the feelings you ever had. Jump on your sk8tr, boi and ride.


99: Tina Turner Part II – River Deep, Mountain High

Tiffany and Tom finally continue on their Tina Turner pilgrimage. In this episode, Tina’s marriage to Ike Turner is discussed with a special Tom update at the top of the show.

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98: Mental Health Check in 2: Beauty School Bitch Sesh

Sit in with us as we have a conversation! Truly, this episode more than any other is Tiffany and I having a back and forth. First we complain about beauty school and our issues with the state board and our experiences. Tiffany tells all about a big life change she’s made and about a new struggle. Tom… well you gotta get to the end to hear what he has to say.

96: Our Last Drag Race Podcast

It Bears Repeating… · 96: Our Last Drag Race Podcast

Tom and Tiffany catch up on drag race, and further discuss the future of the podcast. Black lives matter.

SisTers PGH is a black, trans-led organization. SisTersPGH is uniquely situated to help trans and non-binary people in Allegheny County find the resources they need to thrive.

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95: A Look Back at the Met Gala Looks of the 1990s

It Bears Repeating… · 95: A Look Back at the Met Gala Looks of the 1990s

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This week we do the Time Warp and travel back to the 90s. Since we didn’t get a Met Gala this year, we wanted to take a look back at a decade we existed in but didn’t know luxury. Please enjoy this episode here or on YouTube! We ask you… is this fashion?

Lizzo’s Spotify Podcast: Good As Hell w/ Lil Kim Part 1: