82: JoeMyGosh, Jaxafroot!

It Bears Repeating… · 82: JoeMyGosh, Jaxafroot!

This week we are joined by JoeMyGosh and Jaxafroot. A Pittsburgh (and WV!) drag sketch comedy duo on the rise in the Pittsburgh drag scene. They share stories of how they started, their first attempts and successes throughout our discussion with them.

Please follow them at the links below!
JoeMyGosh’s Insta – bit.ly/36Yp9lO
JoeMyGosh’s Facebook – bit.ly/2sgg2xS
JaxaFroot’s Insta – bit.ly/2shTYmF
JaxaFroot’s Facebook – bit.ly/2FKxQ7E

Their YouTube Channel – bit.ly/2Tf43vx

Tip The Dolls on Venmo – venmo.com/JaxaFroot
(Jax will share all proceeds with Joe)