9: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Episode 1: 10s Across the Board

Tiffany’s Top Toot – Miz Cracker


Tom’s Top Toot – Monique Heart


Tiffany’s Bottom Boot – The VixenIMG_2039

Tom’s Bottom Boot – Kalorie Karbdashian


Tiffany and Tom are so excited to be covering season 10! Can we sew? No. Do we expect our queens to be able to? Yes. Tiffany is gagged that Christina Aguilera wasn’t Farrah Moan. Is Miz Cracker the new Bianca?

Recap Starts at 16 mins (if you don’t like good conversation).

Music: “Warm Up Suit” by Broke for Free (CC BY-SA)

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